Historical Jingchu on line- Superior Products in Hubei" serial trade promotion activities. As its debut, "RCEP Food Session" from 24th May-17th

In order to implement the guidance of Hubei provincial government's policies on stabilizing foreign trade, and promote trading exchanges in a more convenient , creative and efficient way, the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce will host the "Historical Jingchu on line, Superior Products in Hubei" serial trade promotion activities. As its debut, "RCEP Food Session" from 24th May-17th June will be undertaken by Jiangsu New International Convention & Exhibition Group Co., Ltd..

According to Custom statistics, Hubei Province exported a total of CNY 17.62 billion of agricultural products in 2021, with an increase of 15.84% and hit a record high. Among them, the export of edible fungi was CNY4.6billion, tea products was CNY 1.23 billion, and specialty fruit and vegetable juice were CNY 550 million. The Jingchu Online Exhibition will promote the establishment of close cooperative relations between Hubei enterprises and RCEP countries, and break down trade barriers and seek mutual development of the industrial chain. Efforts will be made to stabilize the basic foreign trade services of Hubei enterprises and build a new development pathway.

2022 Jingchu Online Exhibition - RCEP's food special event adopts a combination of online & offline mode. The offline physical Thailand Bangkok Food Exhibition(THAIFEX) will be open on 24th May, 2022, with a total of 20 Hubei companies participate in the exhibition, Booth number: Hall9-BB27. The exhibition pavilion adopts a unified style for onsite display, and the exhibits will include mushrooms, flower mushrooms, dried fungus and other edible fungi. The on-site staff of the exhibition will provide professional guidance, and the suppliers and buyers can have business negotiation via secured online conferencing, aiming to help foreign trade enterprises in Hubei Province innovate the digital foreign trade platform model, expand online and offline marketing channels, and improve the export efficiency of Hubei Province.

The online exhibition will open on 14th June, 2022, which adopts the precise business matching on 4 antennas and the dual platform display matching form of HBTRADE . During the 5-day online matching period, buyers from RCEP countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and Australia will conduct online "one-to-one" video business negotiations to further help Hubei foreign trade enterprises to actively respond to the negative impact of Covid-19. Jingchu Online Exhibition will continuously promote economic and trade exchanges between Hubei Province and RCEP countries. You are more than welcome to connect with us both online and offline.

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